Welcome to Desert Divers Dahab – Dahab’s centre for diving and desert adventure in the Sinai!

Dahab first made it onto the traveller’s map in the 1980s when backpackers stumbled across its magic combination of world-class scuba diving, windsurfing and Bedouin culture. But it didn’t stop there. Dahab’s Blue Hole became a magnet for freediving in Dahab, and the stunning landscape of the Sinai desert was perfect for trekking and rock climbing. Underpinning all of this has always been the genuine hospitality of the Bedouin people – slowly building khoshas, then camps, hotels and holiday apartments – and welcoming adventure seekers from all over the world. Young Egyptians today will tell you that Dahab is the adventure sports capital of Egypt, and we’re super proud to have been part of it from the beginning. Today, you can dive, climb, trek, freedive and stay with us:

The amazing thing about Dahab is that all of these adventures are world-class, as well as on our doorstep.

Courses and safaris can be booked to suit almost any arrival date. If you need help, just ask!  info@desert-divers.com