Dahab rock climbing courses for beginners of all ages, including:

  • Try Climbs (1 day, or 2 days with overnight camping)
  • Beginner Rock Climbing courses (2 days)
  • cross-overs from indoor to outdoor climbing (1 day).

All courses take place just 20 mins from Dahab in our outdoor classroom, Wadi Qnai!

Try Climbs

Doing a try climb is a great way to experience the basics of climbing or to just have a day of adventure in the desert mountains.

We provide all the equipment and knowledge you need to climb safely. All try climbs are done with a top rope (a rope secured from the top) so there’s no risk of falling. You will learn basic rock climbing skills and be amazed at what you can climb!

Beginner Rock Climbing course


The beginner rock climbing course is for people who want to learn lead climbing and become more self-sufficient in top rope climbing.

All equipment is provided during your course. You don’t need any previous experiences, just an adventurous mind.

After finishing the course you will be able to sport climb anywhere in the world.

Course overview

  • About rock climbing equipment
  • How to use climbing equipment
  • How to tie the knots used in rock climbing
  • How to belay another climber
  • How to read topos or find your climbing route
  • How to do top rope climbing
  • How to lead-climb
  • Basic movements and climbing techniques

The Beginner RockCclimbing course is 2 full days in Wadi Qnai, which can be done as daytrips or with overnight camping in the wadi.

Cross-over to Outdoor Climbing, 1 day

Dahab-rock-climbing-courses-crossover-to-outdoor If you climb mainly indoors, our 1 day Crossover to Outdoor climbing will have you feeling at ease on outdoor rock in no time at all. The one day course covers:

  • Indoor/Outdoor differences
  • Picking a climbing route
  • Use of holds
  • Lead belaying
  • Placing quick draws
  • Clipping the rope
  • What to do at the top of the climb

All in 1 day at Wadi Qnai, then you can climb! climb! climb!