More than 15 dive sites on our doorstep, all with unique topography and aquatic marine life.

Dahab’s dive sites are mainly accessed from shore, including the camel diving safari sites in Ras Abu Galum.

Boat diving is to Gabr El Bint in the South, plus daytrips to the Thistlegorm wreck, Ras Muhammed and the Straights of Tiran.




Dahab Blue Hole scuba diving dahab

Blue Hole & Bells

Famous in Dahab and all Red Sea diving, the Blue Hole is a hole in the reef table that drops to 90m then slopes to 300m before joining the open sea. You’ll want to dive it over and over again, so it’s a good thing there are several ways to dive it!

  • the spectacular entry via a chimney at Bells, drift to Blue Hole and exit
  • zig zagging Bells
  • wall to the right of the Blue Hole – even nicer than the left.
  • Once is never enough for these amazing wall dives.

Dahab Canyon Joachim Rode scuba diving dahabThe Canyon

Another of Dahab’s world class dive sites. A deep dive that takes you into a huge cavern under the sea bed. A beautiful night dive during the full moon.




Red-Sea-Garden-Eels scuba diving dahab

Eel Garden

Named after the colony of eels that populates its sandy slopes.

A gentle, shallow dive with schools of Barracuda and many hard and soft coral. Dive early morning for the best light and colour, or late afternoon when fish come in to feed.



Dahab-Islands-by-Nadja scuba diving dahabThe Islands

Three underwater coral islands, where you swim through corridors of color, teeming with fish life. Schools of Yellowtail Barracuda and Twinspot Snapper.

Abu Helal

Abu Helal means Bay of the Crescent Moon. Of all the sites in Dahab, this is probably the most beautiful.

The best dive will take you to 38-39m (great for a Deep Diver course) – for a beautiful view of a small canyon. Gentle rolling hills of coral, abundant in sea life. Trigger fish, potato grouper, rays and schools of baby Barracuda.

 Ornate-Ghost-pipefish scuba diving dahabLighthouse & the Bay

Dahab’s first reef, home to many species of fish and a beautiful place to learn to dive.

Further along the bay is a mix of sand, sea grass and small coral formations, perfect for baby and juvenile fish. You can find seahorses here, and rare ghost pipefish.

The South

Golden Blocks, Three Pools, Om Side, the Caves & more. It’s always great to spend a day in the South. 2 or 3 dives, chilling out in the Bedouin beach cafes inbetween dives… and maybe even a night dive!

Gorgonian Fan Corals at Gabr El Bint scuba diving dahabBoat diving Gabr El Bint

Gabr El Bint is a special location for us because Said discovered its pristine dive sites, including these gorgeous Gorgonian Fan corals.

At that time, Gabr El Bint was accessed only by camel. These days we go mainly by boat – a nice change after a few days shore diving.

Or you could do it the original way – dive all the sites around Gabr El Bint on an overnight Camel Diving Safari.

Thistlegorm wreck scuba diving dahabDaytrips to Thistlegorm, Ras Muhammed & Tiran

Many of our divers want to dive Ras Mohammed, the Thistlegorm wreck or Tiran Islands, but don’t want to stay in a busy resort like Sharm El Sheikh. Hence, our daytrips to Three Pools, Om Sid, the Caves Sharm:

  • Thistlegorm  is one of the world’s most famous wreck dives. Day trips are 3 dives – 2 on the wreck plus a 3rd at Ras Mohammed on the way back. The icing on the cake!
  • Ras Mohammed is a national marine park with 8 world class dive sites. A drift dive on Shark and Yolanda reef is easily one of the world’s top 3 dives.
  • Tiran Islands lie at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, creating perfect conditions for drift diving on Jackson, Thomas, Woodhouse and Gordon reefs.

Plus Ras Abu Galum!