Dahab, known as the freediver’s paradise, is located on the Sinai Peninsula, along the Red Sea in Egypt. Excellent sea conditions make Dahab the ideal location for beginner freedivers to learn freediving, as well as intermediate and advanced freedivers to take freediving courses. You can also do personalised freediving training sessions or simply enjoy the reef apnea style.

Clear waters and deep depths in Dahab’s Blue Hole have enabled many freedivers to set national and international records. The 70 meter wide hole within the reef table drops to 90 meters; embankments of hard and soft coral gently slope down, and a colorful shallow coral saddle links the hole to the open sea. The marine life is fantastic with reef fish, pelagic fish, turtles and rays. It is rare to spot sharks in this part of the Red Sea.

Dahab is an incredible and beautiful place where you can discover and challenge yourself with freediving.